Project summary

The youth exchange “Exploring our history – shaping our future” was an opportunity for 35 young people from the EU and Eastern neighboring partner countries to learn about the common European history and draw conclusions.

By living and working together as Europeans they gained understanding and appreciation for the achievements of the European Union in making enemies to neighbors and overcome prejudices and mistrust. They could also recognize their historical responsibility in developing good-neighborhood and active participation in the construction of a peaceful Europe that belongs to its citizens.

The participants discussed topics of interest for young people in their countries and the European Union as well as the role the younger generation plays in shaping the future European Union and its relations with the neighboring European countries.

The 12 day program includeed visits to historical monuments, memorials, talks with the witnesses of historical events in the form of discussion rounds as well as workshops on the actual for young people topics. All that went hand in hand with the approved methods of intercultural learning and creative artistic approaches, which facilitated the applicatin of experiences, ideas and artistic talents of participants to a final documentation of the project.


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